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Compassion in children: Respect for animals

Compassion is so important in children. I am always getting comments from Mr T's Early Learning teacher that he is the first to 'rescue' other children or try to make them laugh when they are sad. I am so proud of that quality in his personality. Taj has been nicknamed "The protector" by his Kindy teacher's! They told me it's because he is very protective of the smaller kids in his class. He will run over to set ('rescue' he calls it) things right and make sure noboy is being bullied- haha, love it! He thinks he is a superhero against the villain's :)
Apart from parenting, I believe this is learnt from being around animals. Caring for a pet (from the appropriate age helps.) Our boys are a bit young for a pet so they are always closely supervised. Our Japanese Spitz, Sudo, was a 'mature' puppy we found in the newspaper that nobody wanted... how could nobody want him!?

When I researched his breed I found his hair was actually low maintenance and he could adapt to warm climate's well. Please check your local lost dogs home before rushing to a pet store! He is just perfect! Sudo only looses hair once a year (admitedly it is A LOT at in 2 weeks) and his hair is like Teflon so mud/dirt can be left to dry and simply fall off. Bonus!

RESPECT for animals and learning to care & be gentle is another valuable lesson.
I have always been suspicious of people who don't love or treat animals well.
I believe it reflects the way they will treat humans too!

My two babies...

Sorry, my 3 babies!

Compassion is learnt from being around animals

Sharing is caring, right!? Feeding Roy and Candy at Nanny and Poppy's house.
These minature horses were also 'rescues.' My Dad was having a blood test one day when the Nurse mentioned she needed homes for her old show ponies as they were in danger in their current paddock.
Roy's poor girlfriend was hit and killed with a baseball bat by some awful human beings- young kids with nothing better to do!? So sad. He also suffered a broken leg in the process which needs care now and is still a bit wonky :(
They both have beautiful natures and come up to the back door like dog's wanting treats.
They also came in very useful for the 1st Birthday Cowboy themed party we had! :)

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