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Decorating my house: STEP 1- The Enrance

The first impression!

Eeeeek... this can be a little daunting to start with as it is one of the most important part's of the house.
Following a few simple steps I aim to create my personal, functioning and visually pleasing entrance without taking away from any architectural features of my home.

Function- As a family on the go, you need to incorporate functionality into your entrance. For me this includes bags, hats, shoes and keys being accessible to grab and go in a hurry. No searching!

Art- is a must! It provides a perfect talking point for visitor's upon entry.

Sideboard vignette- this is the usual suspect that will help you to display some treasures in the hallway/ entrance accomplance. It also creates another good point of dicussion if you have interesting objects with meaning to you. I like to use visual triangle's (pyramid,) symmetry or the more popular 'L'/ tick arrangements.

Homely feel- most importantly, you want to feel the instant... "ahhhhhhh, I'm home" when you walk in.
It has to be livable and compliment your personal style!

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