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Don't sell yourself short...Luckily, I was born tall

Field coat: ROTHCO M65. Tee: AMERICAN APPAREL. Jeans: PRADA. Boots: ZARA. Sunglasses: GUCCI. Beanie: Y-3. Belt: HERMES. Watch & Bracelets: TATEOSSIAN & BURBERRY.

"One Day, I'll find someone I can laugh with all day. Share my deepest secrets with. Talk about everything and have the best time of my life. Until then, I won't settle for anything less."

This quote is good for material goods too. Why buy wool when you can get cashmere...because it's too expensive and you can't afford it you say? Well by the looks of your waistline, you'd be doing it a favour it you took all that money you spend on food and buy clothes instead.


Photographs courtesy of Lily.