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Gold on order for Winter decor: Buying online


It is no secret that I love black & white decor: I also love a mix of gold, silver & brass. I have lots of silver accents, some gold and brass but more on the way! You may have seen my most recent gold purchases... well, I am waiting (impatiently) for some more.
I have a love/hate relationship with online ordering. It is exciting entering my credit card details (that I know off by heart, oops!) and I think (I know) sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm spending 'real' money. Anyone else ever have that feeling? It's ignorant bliss for me!
I hate waiting for items to be delivered but I love hearing the door bell ring with my delivery man holding a 'present' for me... it's like Christmas all the time, you just never know when something might turn up! :)

Here are some items I'm waiting on...

Kelly Wearstler's sculpture (pictured above)

Money box (Domayne)

The Sedgewick, Ada & Darcy

The Sedgewick
Guess which colour I got? It was a hard decision!
Watch for the next ROOM REVEAL to see how these items look in my home... when they finally arrive! Hmph! Hurry up!