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Health & Wellness: 10 steps to a healthier you!

My boys love being super-hero's! 10 easy steps to a healthier lifestyle:

1. Be a big kid- get down to your children's level (play hide & seek, jump on the trampoline etc) and if you don't have any do an activity that made you happy as a child! Forget all of your worries for a few minutes!

2. Meditate - The mind is our most powerful tool and too many people are not 'being' in the moment.

3. Food in it's natural state- how modified (by man) is the packaged food entering your body? How many greens (smoothies are the easiest) are you eating? They are the best medicine!

4. Relaxing excercise- Yoga & Pilates are fantastic for meditating, muscle strength & stretching.

5. Support other Women- the blogging world is great at this! I cant understand woman being competitive with one another, especially fellow Mum's- we're all in this together! :)

6. Buy Organic, Natural, Eco- To me luxury & modern homes must include these. What's luxurious about fabrics sprayed with chemicals! Slowly add more of these 'quality' products to your home.
Okay, Missoni is an exception... hehe

7. Hair- Choose Organic and more natural hair colour products for like Aveda, especially if you are pregnant or trying. I know too many hairdresser's who have had health issues because of chemical hair products.

8. Beauty- Our skin is our biggest organ. Feed it as well as you do yourself- or better! There are so many products laiden with chemicals and big, well known brands are usually the most toxic! Johnson & Johnson for example- the baby oil contains mineral oil- stay away!

9. Clean- your home with home made natural products- cheap & easy too! Vinegar, lemon, bi-carb, essential oils and water are the most popular

10. Be calm & kind - it's amazing how good it makes YOU feel!

*Next time you are buying anything for your home choose Eco, Organic, Whole, Green, Natural, Safe, Chemical free & Non toxic products.

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What's your favourite way to get healthy!?

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