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I was told to smile with my eyes, but it just looks like I’m squinting

Cardigan: H&M. Shirt: BURBERRY. Jeans: RA-RE. Boots: ALDO. Bracelets: URBAN OUTFITTERS.

With the perfect example using the photograph above, I am aware that I tend to have the words ‘STUCK-UP BITCH ’ stamped acrossed my forehead when I’m out in public. Unless I have my sunglasses on indoors, felt extra sassy or is just plain hung over from the night before, I seriously don’t mean to repel or intimidate anyone away, especially my blog followers and readers who are (un )fortunate sometimes to catch me out and about.

I give much credit to the many readers who are ballsy enough to approach me to say ‘hello ’ and without a second thought that I could possibly throw a Naomi Campbell sized bitch fit at any minute. As for the others who stand around acting coy but still constantly eying my every move and wondering if it really is me or not, please don’t be afraid to come up and say hello. There aren’t many 6 foot Asians with a side shaved head trotting around in knee high boots while sporting an Alexander Wang bag in town, so chances are, it’s most definitely probably ME and I would be delighted to hear from you.

No matter how many times I preach much gratitude to all my loyal readers, I will always be thankful for all the love and support you guys constantly give me which is better than any deliciously delectable meal I could ever be fed. Thank you.

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