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On the Casual

Jacket: H&M. Denim Shirt: NUDIE JEANS. Tank: H&M. Pants: PRADA.
Boots: ZARA. Sunglasses: GUCCI.

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver have finally come to a rest, therefore, so shall my Canadian pride-screaming shirts and sweaters, which will be boxed and put away to NEVER see the light of day again.

The weather is beautifully warming up in the city and that could only mean that the layers of clothes are shedding, which in return means I need to kick my ass into high gear and get into shape before summer rolls around.

With the past two weeks of Olympic partying, gold medal celebrations within the city, decadent over-indulgence and late nights out, I’m starting to look more like the " Stocky Stylist" than a "Starving" one.... YIKES!

Photographs taken by Tristan Casey.

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