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Our blank Canvas by the beach: decor job on my 'temporary' house

We made a decision over 2 short weeks to move across Australia. Leaving our family & friend's was one of the most surreal feelings I've ever had. I still don't quite believe it after two years. We knew we were pregnant with our second child but being a close and strong family, this was just a little (baby) BUMP in the road!
It has been one of the most rewarding & challenging experiences I've endured!
From difficult times, comes positive growth! I've met friend's that my family and I will have for life. I have also learnt a different way of life. No more work, work, work! It is about living in the now and enjoy the beautiful beaches
Western Australia has to offer! Work to live is the style on the West coast! Shops are closed on Sundays = family time!

Okay, so I'm still getting the hang of the relaxing side of thing's but I have always enjoyed running around like a headless chook! I love organising a house and I'm a little over the top with labelling
(I've worn out our Dymo and I just bought a Cameo Silhouette!)
Did I mention I love shopping for homewares? Especially online and especially from overseas!
It's the kind of love that makes me giddy and I probably see my delivery man, well,
more than anybody else outside my children!
I know his name and his life story. I just loooooove getting packages, it's like Christmas everyday!
Anyway, this post is the beginning of my 'nesting series'...
I will take you on my home decorating journey. I was pregnant and trying to avoid getting homesick so I began 'nesting' like a woman posessed! It's what we all do before big changes arrive in ones life I guess. With baby number two on the way I had to be super organised and love where I live because I was going to be home a lot!
The blank Canvas: decor job on 'temporary' house... Excuse the hired furniture they had in these pics, the house was brand new... No Study, Kids room #2, Kids Ensuite or Laundry pics available.

Our new TOY ROOM



MASTER ROOM: definitely need to add drapes in every room. I want to get a more homely, cosy feel!


Breakfast nook will be a PLAY AREA that is easily visable whilst I'm in the kitchen


Pebbles, eek! This will be transformed into a more child-friendly BACKYARD

POOL, gates present but I need to inspect the safety according to the personal needs of my family.
Don't always assume these are 'safe.' Get the professional's to deem this area safe and then go over every aspect yourself with a magnified glass!
Kids can pull up chairs and climb fences, you know!
Think like a cheeky monkey people!

The Magnolia's are being strangled by the ground covering plant so that will be replaced by something else.
Maybe Jasmine, lovely scent!

A KITCHEN can never have too much srtorage!
It's amazing how much use I get out of 3 sinks too...
1 for washing hands, 1 for washing dishes and one for drying or leaving thing's out to defrost in the sink...
3 sinks is a must have for my next house!

Love the clean lines, lots of bench space and my little shelves to display some of my coral!

Little LIVING ROOM between our room and the boys rooms.
Maybe good for a GYM/ READING/ TV room...

LIVING ROOM, lot's of natural light!
Love how the pool not only blends the indoor/outdoor but also adds brightness and a calm feeling to our living area

*All photos are property of Bree McPhee, not to be used on pinterest or anywhere else without prior consent in writing (by email.)

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