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Spotted: What NOT to Wear

Bad enough that this woman is out in public sporting a ridiculously OBNOXIOUS fluorescent pink velour tracksuit, but she had to pair it up with some patent leather hooker boots to complete the abysmal attempt to anything remotely stylish. I swear I almost went blind by rubbing my eyes silly to make sure I was seeing correctly of what this woman was wearing...I guess this is what she considers sporty-casual?...or was it trashy-sporty?

Also, the fact that she was carrying a Louis Vuitton made me feel embarrassed for the poor designer handbag. I bet, if that handbag had a choice it would probably rather be used as a soccer ball and get socked around than being embarrassingly manhandled by its fuchsia blobbed owner.

So, please take note : Keep the sportswear and the nightclub wear separate. Please.
...Gosh, I'm such a f****** b****. Oh well thats why y'all love me so much! hahaha! xoxo

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