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Today’s Special for the Starving

It’s A.D.D. causing, fashionably impractical & completely ridiculous... I WANT IT.

So, I had some free time to myself the other day and decided to do a little something I’m always good at, online shop. Ergo, I came across this remarkable work of art by Delfina Delettrez, which made me gush and awe for a good minute or maybe two. This silver and 18kt Gold skeleton hand bracelet comes adorned with an 11ct cabocon ruby and.422ct./440 diamonds is a piece I would starve myself silly for. And looky here, FREE SHIPPING! Everyone knows us Asian’s love the word ‘free’, love it even more than rice sex sometimes! So, just about under $22,000USD, this hunk of metal is my current two minute obsession.


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