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Too Much Green to Feel Blue

GAP fitted sport jacket; UNIQLO cotton knit v-neck sweater; ZARA plaid slim-fit collared shirt; ARMANI COLLEZIONI green ribbon belt; MAVI JEANS 'ZACH' straight-leg jeans in Nile Green; MARC JACOBS canvas loafers; PRADA wayfarer sunglasses.

My big obsession this spring season are coloured trousers.

From fire-engine reds to brilliant highlighter yellows, my current favourite are these terrific Nile-green jeans from Mavi. Aside from the great lively colour, these are the perfect straight-leg jeans which aren't too constricting and are made of ultra-light cotton that will still be wearable throughout the summer—These are definitely one of my picks this season!

I know many guys are still intimidated of the idea of coloured pants, but start off with baby steps... like starting off with a charcoal blue and then work your way up to something more bold like a cobalt blue later—Bright coloured pants are just something that needs getting used to.

I get looks and stares every single time I sport my bright red crayon chinos around town all the time... I like to think it's because the colour is so outrageously obnoxious but I'm convinced that people are just staring at my ass because them red chinos give me a serious b-o-o-t-y even a black girl in a rap music video would be jealous of!

Just sayin.


Photographs taken by Ashley M.

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