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A Circus Shitshow

“Sorry everyone, Britney has run out of BLOW and is unable to resume her show until she gets more of her FIX.”

That should have been the valid excuse issued at the Vancouver concert last night that left us audience members in the dark for 40 minutes booing and hollering, after Ms. “Wheres-my-blow-Bitch Britney Spears” walked off stage after performing only three songs! Don’t blame it on the smoking and the poor ventilation because BITCH PUHHHLEASE BRITNEY, we all know your pictured advocate smoker, and hellooooooooooooo you’re lip-syncing! That’s what you’re talented for, DUH!

That little major stunt pulled last night totally killed the enjoyment of the concert for me and since I wasn’t on any narcotics or didn’t have any alcohol left in my system, I left the concert even more bitchier than my usual self...and trust me, I’m already a normal bitchy person on an average day! And the fact that I was pact under a roof full of distasteful, scantily clad dressed polyester/rayon wearing teenagers and overweight mothers, I wanted to hang myself from the neck in disgust with my Britney lanyard! AGURH.

But on a serious note, I will give the concert credit for the amazing production set-up. The theme, lighting, props, dancing and of course the lip-syncing was superbly amazing!
What I enjoyed the most was the wardrobe and costuming which was created/designed by the human chipmunk duo, Dsquared. From the eye-catching and beautifully embellished Indian sari’s to the A.D.D. causing sequined bustiers and fleshtone body suits, everything was created tastefully scandalous! Loved it! So kuuudos to you Dsquared and as for you, Britney, you still secretly hold a tiny spectacle in my heart right next to the toxic smell of gasoline and my gimped kindergarten teacher. xoxo


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