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Beauty Products: My favourite organic skincare finds

My favourite organic skincare is Sodashi (higher end) and Mukti (more affordable price range.)
I have done a lot of research on safe products and found out about all the toxic ingredients in the big brands. Our skin is our largest organ and extremely porous. Many people may feed themselves well but forget to take just as much care as to what their skin is absorbing.
I use the Clay Lime cleanser (smells so yummy!)
Then the balancing skin boost if I feel the need.
Next the Balancing moisturiser.
At night I replace the moisturiser with the Balancing Serum.
They have many more products available for different skin types.

I also dry body brush my body for as long as my children will allow (not long, sometimes not at all) then use Sodashi's body moisturiser.

Mukti is just as lovely!

Image Mukti
Ooh and I can't forget scar treatment... especially for any C-section Mum's! DO NOT use Bio Oil, that stuff is toxic! Organic Rosehip oil is much safer & more effective. I never ended up with scars post birth- good genes or a diet high in good fat's? Maybe a mixture of both :)

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