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Endless Winter

LEVI'S denim jacket; CLUB MONACO button down shirt & cotton chinos; ZARA aztec print cape.

Winter. Is it over yet?

Through my 20-something years of existence, I have never endured such a brutal winter filled with freezing snow, bone-chilling temperatures and harsh winds. I've been told, that this year has been the worst winter in years for Toronto and if I can survive this, I can get through anything. With my fingers tightly crossed, I sure hope winter is finally over because trying to dress up while staying warm and dry is not an easy thing to do and don't even get me started on how many pairs of shoes I have ruined by the salt-stained and slushy snow-ridden streets.

Winter. I'm so over you.

It's definitely safe to say that I maximized the usage of my down-filled winter parka this winter and I have never been so happy to pack it away in the back of my closet to never see the light of day again until next winter... But then again, *knock on wood* I won't speak too soon because lord knows, Mother Nature is full of surprises.

Peter Ty xx

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