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Here come the Skinnies

Jacket: PARASUCO. Hoodie: H&M. Tank: ASOS. Jeans: PARASUCO. Sneakers: CREATIVE REACTION. Beanie: Y-3.

Black skinny jeans to me are like what a little black dress is to a woman—The go to garment you can always rely on.

You can dress it up with a blazer and a smart pair of polished lace-up shoes or on the go with a racer jacket and sneakers—plain black skinny jeans are a staple in my closet and is something I know will work with every outfit that I put on.

I don't swear by or is loyal to any particular brand when it comes to them but I am however, extremely finicky when it comes to the fit. I have giant calves like a kick boxer but a dainty small waist like a ballerina. Shopping for jeans is definitely a frustration but I love the utter feeling of satisfaction when I slip into a pair that fits so perfect, it feels like it was made for me. *Swipe*Swipe* Charge it on my Visa, I'll skip a handful of meals to have enough money to deal with the bill when it comes later.

Like I've said before many times on my blog, it's not about the label thats sewn inside your clothes, it's about the fit.

My current admiration are these pair of black skinny 'Bradys' from Parasuco. A nice mid-rise fit, tapered leg, nice coated finish, tonal stitching, incredibly comfortable and most importantly, it fits superbly. Major love from me to everyone at Parasuco.
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Photographs taken by Jono Chan.

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