NYC Style Spot + [Outfits]

If I were to ever win a yacht on The Price is Right, I’d trade it in for a Birkin

Jacket: MARC by MARC JACOBS. Cardigan: CLUB MONACO. Shirt: GAP. Pants: H&M.

I watched my former game show favorite, The Price is Right this morning as a packed my bags for Toronto. I’ve always dreamed of being on the show when I was a kid. Dropping those discs in the Plinko game, spinning that gigantic wheel, kicking and screaming “I LOVE YOU BOB BARKER ” all while wearing a tacky polyester shirt with something obnoxious printed on it.

BUT. Now that dream is gone, Bob Barker is retired, I wouldn’t dare be caught in something made of synthetic materials and I would rather win a Birkin bag over a yacht or a granny-looking bedroom set, ANYDAY.

Anyways, BON VOYAGE everyone! Follow me on Twitter to get my updates of debauchery...wait umm... I mean adventures while I’m away in Toronto! xxo