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It's Britney Bitch!

Keep your panties clean and polish up your fuck me pumps because the “CIRCUS” is in town and it’s not any kind of freakshow! Ms. Former-shave-my-head-bald and flash-my-vajayjay American Dream girl, BRITNEY SPEARS has finally got her shit together and I’m dying with pure EXCITEMENT to see what she has in-store for tonight’s concert! And seriously what better skanky opening act wouldn’t be better than Nicole Scherzinger and her Bitches The Pussycat Dolls? FUCK ME, it’s like an orgy of bubble gum pop acts! I love it! But I’m practically bracing myself for a gong show of screaming midriff bearing teenagers, distastefully dressed Pussycat Wannabes and flaming bitchy twinks all under one roof...

Uncle Karl may you bless me, if I come out alive tonight with my hair still perfectly intact, my Chanel clutch still on hand and without any scuff marks on my Ferragamo boots. Amen!


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