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Killing it with a Smile

Jacket: H&M. Polo shirt: FRED PERRY. Chinos: CLUB MONACO. Belt: H&M. Watch: MICHAEL KORS.

LOOK! THE PHOTO ABOVE! I'm actually laughing in a picture. It's proof that I'm not an emotionless robot with one chronic bitch facial expression in all my photos taken on my blog. I don't smile much in my photos nor do I ever…like EVER show my pearly whites on camera but don't let that illustrate to you that I'm expressionless or cold because if anything, I have more emotions than a sorority house full of girls all on their period.

It should be captured on camera more often but I've learned to smile more in person. Smiling is the best accessory anyone can have, even better than any covet Chanel bag you could be seen carrying. It attracts people—magnetizes them actually. So smile, because it's the second best thing you can do with your lips. ;)

Photos taken by Alex & Matina over brunch that also included Lily & myself. Hung over brunches with a group of beautiful ladies like this never looked so damn good. And if you aren't following these girls and their stylishly inspirational blogs, you should definitely start now.

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