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Monday's Inspiration: Gold rush- everyone's getting giddy over gold!

Gold rush: everyone is getting all giddy over gold!

My Gold tray. I have tray's in every room of my house...
They help with my organising addiction! hehe

I have never been one to follow trends too obsessively. I like to mix 'it' pieces here and there but I always try to stick to my true style and what I feel comfortable around, items from travel or with personal meaning to them. My childhood room was hot pink & gold... I will have to show you a pic one day :) As I have mentioned, I do love mixing metals so lucky for me Gold is 'on trend' at the moment and Jen from Interiors Addict has been on to this for a few months, at least. After finally feeling a bit more settled in the blog world I have been doing some late night browsing (accompanied by Easter Egg devouring) and discovered a blog which may be a new favourite of mine, Interiors Addict. Check out her blog for your interior addiction fix today, especially if you like The Block! ;)

Her Gold Table is from my latest follower on Twitter, Freedom furniture.
I never thought I would be on Twitter!

Image Freedom
Jen Bishop is c alling all suppliers... "I'm doing a roundup of metallic homewares/furniture for a national home mag. Basically anything silver or gold and luxe looking! If you're a supplier with something suitable, like this Table Tonic pouffe, please email Thanks!"

Image Interiors Addict off Table Tonic's facebook page. Gold-lishious... Oh how I do love this LUXE look!

Source: via Julie on Pinterest
Have you guessed which colour bar cart (from my recent post) I ordered off Ada & Darcy yet? ;)

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest
Other gold purchases of mine...

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