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Only at a Rich Bitch's Bake Sale

I came across these diabetic inducing and bank account draining, diamond confections online the other day while I was searching for recipes for Easter cupcakes for my niece. F.Y.I. I can’t bake to save my life. I’ll probably mistake powdered icing sugar for something else that’s also in a white powdered form... *ahem*

Anyways, these cupcakes are the kind you'll probably find sold at a rich bitch’s bake sale, which I would totally attend and then leave with only one tiny treat but with a house and car completely mortgaged! These puny but high calorie diet murderers come completely pimped out with 8 ideal round cut brilliant diamonds around its circumference and then it’s topped off with a 2 karat Asscher cut diamond in the center, which undeniably beats having a cherry on top ANY DAY!

Each delicately made cupcake comes with a price-tag value of $30,000 + $3 (like, for the cupcake itself of course!) Ergo, these true confections will definitely please every material soul’s desire and at the same time, satisfy that aching sweet tooth! Purchase one for me at Mervis Diamonds and I’ll love you long time.


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