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Scrapping in Ezra Constantine

Ezra Constantine Spring Summer 2010

If I wanted to make a bold and edgy statement through my clothes or if I were to wrangle a bitch to the back parking-lot by the weave and look damn good doing it, I’d be damn sure that I would be dressed in nothing but Ezra Constantine by the talented Greta Constantine design duo, Kirk Pickersgill & Stephen Wong.

I favorited the Ezra Constantine’s Spring 2010 Menswear debut collection. From the intricate inseaming details on leather pants to how alluring a garment drapes over a man’s body to even their ultra masculine and provoking campaign lookbook....Je l'aime!

I look forward to the upcoming collections for the menswear. Now if only I could hustle on the streets to have enough money or sell my heartless soul to the Devil to get my hands on a pair of those marvelous biker pants from this collection...