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Somethings Never Change

Leather jacket: H&M. Shirt: ASOS. Jeans: JNBY. Boots: FLUEVOG. Belt: H&M. Silk Scarf: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. Sunglasses: DIOR HOMME.

You know after making a few mistakes or getting hurt more than a handful of times by those you can't help but adore, you would think you would have learned some sort of life lesson by now...nope. I'm clearly stupid.

Losing a limb, have my Prada bag shredded into million pieces or have an eyebrow shaved off, I don't know what it will take before I will learn that some things never change, like people. But I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...or in my case, makes you even more bitter and jaded to even vindictive.

Photographs courtesy of Lily.

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