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The Starving Stylist turned Style Agent

For many of you who have yet to know, I recently entered a contest sponsored by Virgin Radio 95.3 and Oakridge Centre Mall to become a Style Agent. So, without sleeping my way to the top or ordering a hit on anyone, I was fortunate enough to be signed crowned ONE of FOUR agents who will lead the Vancouver fashion following for Oakridge Centre’s 50th Anniversary year, A.K.A. I’m getting paid to look good.
So in the case of terribly misrepresenting Oakridge Centre or looking like a bigger big bitch than I already am, I was thrown into some intense media and press training and I must say, that watching yourself on camera is sooooooooooooo slit my wrists painful! With all the sass I thought I had in my blog writing, you would only think it would be natural for me to be somewhat or even remotely that witty on camera during interviews, but really, it’s like catching your boyfriend try to fierce out in a pair of 6inch red patent stilettos... completely awkward and horribly discomforting!
I’m terrible when I’m put under pressure but to add a camera and an audience, just makes the pressure weigh a ton more! My mind goes completely blank and all I can remember is what I wore the day before. It’s like I’m a brainless valley-girl with a minuscule-vocabulary of “andddd like” or “ummmmmmmm”... Can you say, “Ummmm like totally useless and incoherent?”
So with more nerves than shoes in my closet, all I can do now is practice practice practice my interviewing skills on camera and if all else fails, I’m going to bat my lashes and smile like my life depended on it. And, to quote my dear loving crazy aunt, “At least you’re pretty”.

Gee thanks.



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