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Clearly Contacts X Starving Stylist

SELECTED HOMME black leather moto vest; GuyLook long sleeve cotton tee & biker style pants;
3.1 Phillip Lim aviator style eyeglasses.

Glasses are my favourite accessory to wear. Not only do they compliment just about every single outfit but it's one of the first things a person notices when you walk into the room.

I have a collection of different frames from all sorts of colours and sizes and these particular Phillip Lim aviators are my current favourites from—They're bold, fun and unabashed which perfectly compliment a valiant personality like mines.

I'm often asked what my trick to finding the perfect pair of frames and the truth is, just try on everything. Don't be afraid to step out of your confront zone—You'll be surprised by how one you were about to overlook, actually could be the one that looks the best.

So with that said, check out today to find the right pair of frames to compliment your own personality.

Peter Ty xx

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