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Come to be Heard

Blazer: H&M. Shirt: GAP. Cardigan: CLUB MONACO. Jeans: DIESEL. Boots: ALDO. Bag: MULBERRY.

Do you like the sound heels make when you walk?

Well, replace the heels with these pair of tall boots above and my answer will be, "HELL EFFIN' YES."

Everyone knows that I'm coming before I even arrive because my boots can be heard stomping down the hall from yards away and to be honest, I won't deny about not wanting to be heard and especially noticed.

Does it make me feel fancy or important? Sure. Let's just say that if you don't hear me trotting down the hallway at work and you don't make room for me as I pass by, then I hope you see my clipboard thats going to come right at your face in irritation.

*ahem* Just kidding.