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Days Off Duty

REASON CLOTHING Catvenchy crewneck sweater; AMERICAN APPAREL vegan leather drawstring pants; NIKE Free 5.0 sneakers; ROOTS black leather backpack; GUCCI aviators.

What I have learned as I've gotten older (and somewhat wiser... or I like to think so) is that I will often now favour comfort over fashion when it comes to the way I dress—But don't get me wrong, that certainly does not mean I will ever hang up my Louboutins and opt for a pair of Crocs instead!

What I mean is that no one should have to sacrifice their comfort in order to look good. Sure, I still think someone in sky-high stilettos is ultra fabulous but when that person is teetering around uncomfortably and bumping into objects like a bull in China shop, that ultimately isn't quite a good look at all whatsoever.

I'm a strong believer that confidence is the best accessory one could possibly have and it is something that never goes out of style... oh... that and a quilted leather Chanel bag, but confidence in whatever you are wearing is always comfortable and will ache a lot less than a pair of narrow Italian-made leather designer shoes.


Peter Ty xx

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