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I Wanna See You Smile

LEVI'S denim jacket; H&M polka-doted short-sleeved shirt; TOPMAN cotton skinny chinos; STUBBS & WOOTTON canvas slippers; MULBERRY pebbled leather backpack; TOM FORD eyeglasses.

Finally... a photo where I am actually smiling for once instead of giving one of my [many] signature miserable bitch faces—Change is good, don't you agree?

With that said, I've recently started sporting eyeglasses more often in public rather than just in the comfort of my own home where I can look ugly and enjoy it.

I'm blind as a bat and frequently wear contact lenses on the daily and because of that people are always shocked when they see me wear spectacles and then question me if they are really prescribed—The answer is yes, my eyeglasses are prescribed and they really are real... just like my Louis Vuitton bag and my current nose.

I anticipate on getting laser eye surgery to correct my vision in the future but not necessarily anytime soon... umm well to be honest, not anytime soon because I just ordered a pair of Chanel prescription eyeglasses and I want to be able to sport them for at least a season or two before I have to ditch them! They were a final sale—I need to get my money's worth out of these frames!

Photographs taken by Lily of Bleed For Fashion.

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