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Monday's Design Inspiration: Missoni & Me

Missoni is one of my all time favourite home decor accent's. It adds a pop of colour to my Monochrome style and is versatile to bring it in & out of my home for different colours, trends, moods or homes.
I usually get my Missoni pieces from Spence & Lyda, Top3 or Amara in the UK

Source: via Kerrie on Pinterest
Amara is where I purchased 4 of these a while back, not sure if they are in stock still...

My towels and pillows...

Kids bathroom

Top 3

Empire, WA

Look out for my next Wellness Wednesday article on plant/air purification benefits :)
Towels, wedding gift

My sexy Laundry!
Hate washing but love drying in Perth's weather, saves the (black balloons) planet!

Spence & Lyda hand towel

'Keith' from Empire

My study
Table Tonic Moroccan Pouffe, also pictured in Pink


from Empire, WA

Pillows from Empire, Highgate