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Monday's Inspiration: 1st Birthday Carnival: Circus Birthday Party

This was my baby boy, Cove's first Birthday last year. We flew back to Melbourne and had it at my parent's house. It was a big rush and the 3 hours time difference (adjusting) didn't help but the boy's had a wonderful time! We were so happy to see all of our friend's and so were they. I managed to enjoy the day too off a few hours sleep! ;) There was way too many sweets!!! Party food is for parties! : /

Cove's big brother helped cut and paste the sign, he was very proud! :)


Some home made play dough for the kids to take home

The cake I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making...
First time using fondant for a non baker... tricky & sticky stuff!
Then a little boy picked the number 1 and 'C' off the little flag I made : / Oh well!

Thank you cookies for parent's

More Candy shop pics and supplier links on my next post...