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Sweater, long sleeve knit & chinos: all from SIMONS. Shoes: ALIFE NYC. Aviators: GUCCI.

Every summer, I love to embrace the nautical look—Perfect stripes, neutral palettes with a pop of colour, boating shoes, cable knits and symbols that represent everything from the sea and land. It makes me dream of boating through the breathtaking canals of Venice, Italy or sailing underneath the beating sun of the exotic Mexican waters. So until that happens, I'm just going to dress like I belong on a giant yacht even if I'm just walking down the street to the nearest convenience store for a pack of gum.

Much thanks to Simons, a definite fashion forerunner who helped with adding some great nautical inspired pieces for my wardrobe this summer season. So please check Simons and don't forget to join them on Facebook to get the latest fashion news and innovative trends.
On another note and due to popular demand, I have decided to smile in my photos yet for one more blog post... But don't get too comfortable because this is probably may be the last of it, but if not, this is definitely the very last time you will ever see my hair like this. I've recently had a drastic—quite extreme actually, bit of a makeover...but I'll save the sappy lame details and the very anticipated photos of my new look for the next blog post.

Photographs taken by Jono Chan.

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