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Excuse me for my recent short-term hiatus in the material world. I was suffering from BROKEN HEART syndrome, which left me stuck in an emotional rut and looking like a battered post-operative, cosmetic plastic surgery patient ; chapped dry lips, puffy blood-shot red eyes to the swollen Rudolph-the-reindeer -like nose all caused by the constant sobbing. But best of all of course is the intense rail-thin body, which could make any supermodel jealous that I have achieved by barely functioning on an empty stomach for the past four days.

I practically clutch onto my Gucci for dear life every night because it holds the sleeping pills I depend on to help me sleep at night. I sleep my days away, in hopes it will speed up the healing process but it’s just a rude awakening when it’s over.

So, I’m turning to what I do best for emotional help... shopping. I might not be able to buy my relationship, but fucking hell I can sure purchase a new partner named Cesare Paciotti. The best part is, I know my new bought partner will NOT walk away from me this time, but instead... with me.

Cesare Paciotti Black Leather & Suede Shoes (CPM509) - $480.00
Sneaker meets Dress Shoe.

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