NYC Style Spot + [Story of my Life]

Toronto: Where it captured my heart but ate away at my bank account

My trip to the historically beautiful city of Toronto this past week has definitely opened my eyes to something refreshing. 90% of men in a bar wore business suits, high heels were considered 'casual' attire and obnoxiously flashy Ed Hardy & they're spawn of look-a-likes were rarely ever seen in this city. My lord, even shopping at The Hudson’s Bay Company in Downtown Toronto was totally the ‘IT’ thing to do especially when they’re carrying ultra fine labels like Balmain, Proenza Schouler and John Galliano.

Fashion aside, I truly enjoyed my trip and I am greatly thankful for the friends who took time out to show me the city. Toronto has definitely left a positively-firm impression on me to the point of myself picturing already living there... But until then, Vancouver will always be called my home.