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Up Close & Too Personal—The Best of Formspring

A thousand questions and responses later, I want to say a much thanks to all of those who have patiently waited for their question to be answered by me on Formspring.

From intimate questions to fashion advice to even help on relationships, there was never a shy question asked. Below are just a few of my favourite that I have selected of over a thousand questions that were asked in the past year. Enjoy.

Question : Whenever you tweet/blog about being such a bitch you're just kidding right? or maybe just exaggerating? Theres no way being that bitchy can be a good thing in real life lol. or are you serious here?

Answer : Everything I say has some truth.
I'm an overly sarcastic and very sassy person, and those who are close to me could definitely agree. My blog is more of an exaggerated persona of course (I'm actually more insane than I am bitchy). It keeps things entertaining and creates shock value—you either love it or hate it.

Q : What is the biggest challenge in life that you have overcome?

A : Trying to learn to love myself and still today, I'm still struggling with it.
I've had a very hard time accepting myself and even respecting who I was. I allowed others to disrespect and abuse me because to be frank, I didn't care about myself. I hated who I was and especially how I looked. When I was at the point of rock bottom and as lame as it sounds, when you are that far down, the only direction you had left is to go up—and I did. With the help of my family and support of friends, I realized that I may not have felt important to myself but to many, I meant the world to them. I'm really fortunate, maybe even spoiled to have so many love ones in my life.

Q : Let's just say not if but when you get hit by a bus, what outfit would want to be wearing? Remember you will have to wear this for eternity in hell with the rest of us queens, who you know are gonna judge while tanning by the lake of fire.

A : I want to die in Dior Homme from head to toe—A black ultra slim suit, black leather slip on boots with a tall cuban heel with a slight pointed rounded toe, a crisp white fitted dress shirt, black skinny tie, black leather belt with silver hardware and black oversized squared shaped sunglasses. J'adore Dior.

Q : What would you do if someone thinks your designer item is fake?

A : Flip them the middle finger and say, "If my bag was fake, it would still be more real than your personality."

Q : How would you describe the man of your dreams?

A : Tall, dark and definitely handsome. 

Someone chivalric, who takes initiative, sympathetic, a total romantic, MUST have a great sense of humor, who loves wine and dining, appreciates fashion but DOES NOT have to love it, who will send me random messages in the day or night out of love, someone tall enough to kiss my forehead, loves to cuddle, someone patient, who is reassuring and comforting, someone who is confident but not cocky, someone spontaneous, a handy man who can build and fix things and someone who has goals in life.
I'm a selfish person and I know its A LOT to ask but hey, we're all allowed to dream.

Q : What's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done to or for you?

A : My birthday last year.
I was surprised with a bouquet of my favourite flowers, then was whisked away to a surprise cocktail picnic on the hills of a park by a bed of flowers, which was then followed by a wonderful fine dinner at a French restaurant.

Q : What do you do at times when you feel like a complete failure? I don't know what I can do to make myself feel better

A : Breathe. 

I take a moment to myself alone and look at the fortunate things I have in my life. Aside from the material things I have abundance of, I appreciate things like my health, fully functioning legs/arms/etc., having so many loyal wonderful friends, a supportive family, a lovely home, etc. 

 With so many things that we are oh so lucky to have in our lives that aren't material... how could we possibly be considered a failure?

... but if all else fails, I buy myself a new pair of shoes to wear while I'm trying to work harder to achieve those goals.

Q : Out of curiosity, what do your "haters" hate about u or your blog? I find it quite sad that anyone would want to send a hate mail to u or anyone! do u ever pity or have compassion for them because they don't know u? BTW yourblogissuperfantastic!!!

A : Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it.
I've been called a materialistic whore, a pretentious fucking faggot, a gold digging cunt to how ugly of a person I am inside & out—I've been called just about every single word in the book of profanity because of my blog and how I present myself.
Even though I try to take it like a grain of salt and try to brush it off, having nasty comments and emails sent to you such as those that attack just about every single part of your well being is really disturbing and still very upsetting. But when your someone like myself who put themselves out there to the world through a blog, you should expect to be judged. The internet is an ugly thing.

Q : Like Oprah usually asks her guests, "What would you tell you're younger self today?"

A : The best has yet to come and that NO ONE is ever worth your time if they don't respect you. Lesson learned.

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