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Wellness Wednesday: Affirmation quote

"I recognise my body as a wonderous machine & I feel priviledged to live in it"

My reason for starting my "I Quit Sugar" this Month is to look after my body, inside & outside- more energy outside to keep up with my super active boys!

Child birth: The stress of loosing a few litres of blood in half an hour through major Placental Abruption (Cesarean under General Anaesthetic- so much more work to recover from than a natural birth- I would choose natural any day if I could!) and the anxiety and illness' that followed took it's toll on my body!
I also developed severe gut issues from stress (family health issues and post traumatic stress) unhealthy food and from being on so many anti-biotics last year with pneumonia.

I turned to junk food after having my second baby as I went back to my pre baby body (plus less) straight away, minus the muscle tone - the scrawny look is not hot or healthy in my eyes...
CURVES & MUSCLE TONE are! I wish I had family in WA to babysit while I do yoga... my husband works every day (even weekends) and unpredictable hours so it's hard to fit in ME time :)

For a girl who loves carbs and chocolate, the only thing getting me through is knowing how much better I will feel and what a great start to life I will be giving my boys by adopting a healthier lifestyle at home.

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