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Wellness Wednesday: Food Matters- must watch video!

Food Matters- must watch video! I have had difficulty trying to 'convert' the men in my family to healthier lifestyle options as they are already quite healthy... however, I caught one of them watching this video, Food Matters which you can buy and watch online instantly. Ladies, if your men need a push from someone else, besides you, this video is a game changer! Trust me!

Image from Food Matters

Their site has plenty more fantastic information... Food Matters
This weekend I am off to Samudra for their Vitality Detox Retreat... can't wait to feed my soul! We will be staying at Injidup Spa Retreat again too, our fave!
Then, I start my I Quit Sugar journey, for a MAJOR chocoholic this is a very daunting task... I'm hyperventilating and about to have a panic attack just thinking about it... wish me luck, I'll need it! Cheers to good health!

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