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Wellness Wednesday: Nut milk

I am a huge fan of nut milk, I have always loved dairy alternatives like Soy (being mainly vegan) but now that I avoid it. My family & I are enjoying the benefits of Nut milk, usually almond but any variety is beneficial. The kids love to participate in making it too! When they are involved in the process and are proud with the result they are more likely to consume it. If Taj's Kindy teacher ever asks him where milk comes from, well, she may have a little debate on her hands! ;) The 'Reasons to avoid dairy' post by Polly Noble also has a comprehensive list regarding dairy and why it is not great for us. Despite the heavy marketing that goes on around Dairy milk and it's calcium benefits there is much research supporting that nut milk is far more nutritious. It is vitamin-rich & high in calcium! If you have nut intolerances or allergies then try Hemp or Coconut milk as a fantastic alternative.

Drain with filtered water

Nut bags available at health food stores.
This will take you less time (besides soaking the nuts overnight) than drinking a cup of tea!
Soak 1 cup of raw organic almonds overnight (minimum 4 hours, approx 12 hours is best) I do a few cups at a time because we go through at least 1 litre of milk a day... adding a few Brazil nut's will add your daily dose of selenium too!

I like to add 2-3 cups of water to 1 cup of milk to make it really thick & creamy.
Give it a spin for about 2 mins...

I place my nut bag over a jug and pour...

Squeeze bag

Twist bag to get maximum milk out

Pulp can be frozen or used in dehydrator to make almond milk

A lovely frothy crema sits on top when it's freshly done.
Taj likes to drink the top when we make it so he gets a nice milk moustache, just like you would from a baby cino!

I added dates/manuka honey and vanilla bean to Taj's initially (to wean him off cows milk!)

Make macaroons (raw) with left over pulp!
Recipe to come soon from Matthew Kenneys Everyday Raw book

The finished product in glass bottles- no BPA plastic in our house!

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