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A Starving Fashion Don’t

I’m finally working again at the ever-so-fabulous Leone Boutique, which actually means I’m back at servicing the unfashionable and hopeless causes of the city. But don’t get me wrong, 90 percent of these clients have more discretionary income that I can possibly dream of or even whore myself out for. It’s just half of these people are clueless and can’t even put an outfit together to save their dignity or... even life!

My first day back at work and already I witness something completely shameful and appalling, which was the paring of a velour Juicy Couture tracksuit and high heeled shoes, Gucci half horsebit 'clog' slides to be exact. O.M.F.G. I wanted to clog her in the face with her clogs! I’ve witness this in the past, but never in broad daylight! These girls have literally taken sports wear and dressed WHORED it up!

I’m so disgusted right now that I’m practically speechless and is now incoherent because no words could express the hate I have for girls who sport tracksuits or should I call them “I’m feeling FAT-suit ” with high heels. This is a crime just as bad as wearing white tube socks and sandals, it’s just something you don’t do and you should just be SHOT in face just for thinking of doing such filth.

So keep the damn high heels away from the leisurewear and tracksuits, actually just keep away from leisurewear and tracksuits in general! They are meant for the home, doing errands, running to 7-11 for a nicotine fix and especially the gym. I don’t care if for you’re having a fat day and want to be comfortable in public. If I was having a fat day, I would be locked up in my room right now, embarrassingly hiding from everyone until I felt like a skinny bitch again. I know that no one has that mentality like me to do such thing but some of you might want to consider the idea that dressing up and looking good will not necessarily make you a skinny bitch, but at least it will make you feel better and confident about yourself. Jeeeeeeeezus!

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