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Current Obsession: Double Snake Boucheron Ring

My best friend and I recently bought matching double finger rings together [cue lame awe sounds here ] to dedicate our SINGLE statuses. The rings we bought were completely inexpensive as they were made from some cheap industrial polished metal that’s already turning our fingers green after only a few wears and it definitely DID NOT look like anything remotely as stunning as that 18 karat double snake Boucheron ring, but it was a fun novelty to help satisfy our never-ending boredom.

BUT, OHHHH MY LORDY! What would I do to be a proud owner of the Boucheron ring?!... I would cut off my pinkie for that ring only because it’s so retardedly gorgeous that no one would even notice my four-fingered hand if I wore it!

Aiyah! As much as I would love to whip out my credit card and burn another hole into my pile of debts, I couldn’t possibly buy a piece of fine jewellery for myself. But I will say that my birthday is exactly ONE MONTH from now and as Ms. Sasha Fierce would preach, “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it. ”


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