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Help! Treatment for Style Confusion...

I think I'm suffering from style overload... I L-O-V-E blogs and subject myself to hundreds of images a day (more or less!). Is anyone else out there in blog land think they are coming down with style confusion? By this I mean that with my own home, I love so many different styles and rooms that I see on the internet, so when it comes to designing my own spaces I feel "stuck"... as soon as I decide on using some colour in my bedroom along comes a gorgeous black and white inspiration photo and I'm frozen. Decide on some curtains and then suddenly see some which change your mind or at least make you think twice (or a hundred times in my case!).

Anna Spiro - she made me fall in love with colour and realise it didn't have to be neutral

Caitlin Wilson - what a classic room

Windsor Smith - a much loved kitchen

Alessadra Branca - such a classic

Please, please, does anyone else out there feel like this??? And is there a cure? I think I have my own style - I love anything greek key, Chinoiserie, fretwork and the list goes on but it's the other elements that keep swirling around me.

Mary McDonald - one of my all time favourites So keen to hear your thoughts on this! Maybe I'm going crazy and there is a common link amongst all these pictures - classic, clean, uncluttered.

What do you think and how did you get over it?

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