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If Patience is a Virtue, Call Me a Sinner

Trench: BURBERRY. Shirt: H&M. Shorts: CHEAP MONDAY. Shoes: PRADA.

I’m not friends with patience and NEVER will I learn to be. We play on opposing teams and sadly, I was never good enough to win that game. Besides, like what I always like to say, “Whoever said that good things come to those who wait obviously had way TOO MUCH F**KING time on their hands.”

Warmer sunnier weather couldn’t come anymore slower in the city. I’m constantly caught in awkward moments of not having a clue on what to wear because all I can think of are short-shorts and tops baring so much that it looks like a fabricated accessory rather than a shirt for summer. But rain and dreary clouds prevent that and I end up layering on more pieces than I would in the fall season. So here I am, mixing a piece of the fall with the trench-coat with hope of the summer with the shorts because with the weather mixing and matching, why shouldn’t our seasonal wardrobes ?

Photograph courtesy of Lily from Bleed of Fashion.

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