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Just for Kicks

T-shirt: DISSIZIT. Pants: H&M. Hi-top Sneakers: MARC JACOBS. Ball Cap: VANCITY ORIGINALS. Handkerchief: VINTAGE.

On my days of pure boredom and need of complete comfort, I dress out of character just for kicks. On contrary to much belief, I do own sneakers and hats to sport for the odd 'bad hair day' or when I don’t want to be noticed, which is when the hat is then complemented with a pair of gigantic shades and a hooded sweater big enough to fit three overweight children.

But then again, with a loud ostentatious personality like mine along with a hip swagger like Naomi Campbell in my walk, it’s hard not to get noticed.

On another note, THANK YOU for all your questions and kind comments left for me on my Formspring account. The overflow of questions got a little overwhelming at times but they were nonetheless very enjoyable to answer.

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