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Okay, sooooo I almost about DIED this morning with excitement when I woke up and LITERALLY fell out of bed after reading this headline on my BlackBerry. Jimmy Choo to collaborate with H&M?... Ohhhh Uncle Karl, you have blissfully put mercy on me!

FML! I get orgasms already when I hear those two brand's placed in the same sentence! I'm not ashamed to say that I like my high end designer at low prices because 'sometimes' I need to eat too, like actually put something in my mouth, chew and shallow kind of eat! I just can't put all my money into my 'BIRKIN BAG FUND' ya know? Anyways, and the fact that they're going to include a men’s collection of bags, shoes and accessories... Expect this StarvingStylist to set a camp A FORT outside H&M when this collection is launched this November! This is going to be a BLOODY WAR ZONE with stilettos and hair weaves flying everywhere!

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