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Transforming Tuesdays: Backyard, pool area

Transformin Tuesdays: Backyard, pool area

I loved this area of our backyard just the way it was but the leaves were filling up our pool and closing the space in. I wanted some sort of light feature and a low maintenance yard as we just do not have the time to attend to it! It also had to compliment the other part of the backyard where the cubby house and trampoline are- pictured in this previous post.

I opted for screens from Lump and had outdoor lights installed to light them up of a night.
I just love the pattern of the Stellar screen!

An example of our screen...

Source: via patricia on Pinterest

I love this idea for an outdoor area!

The light screens are beautiful but as we are not going to be in this house for long I will save this type for our next home!

Source: via patricia on Pinterest

Source: via patricia on Pinterest

Water feature screen

Source: via patricia on Pinterest

Our new fake lawn is not as 'natural' as I would like but we have huge trees (neighbours) that surround our property so the leaves are much easier to clean off this lawn and it grows well whilst saving water! ;)

Pics of our pool area complete on the next post...