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Transforming Tuesdays: Organising LOVE- The kids art desk

Organising LOVE: The kids art desk

My love of organising was born, well, around about 1984, when I was born!
Being a slightly hyperactive person who never sits still, organising is often something I turn to late at night when my husband is away on business.

I like to inspire my boys to be creative so an art desk was a must! The other important factor is that all their wall markers art supplies are safely packed away in the garage. Everything needed to have a place too. I hate loosing things or getting everything mixed up.
I categorised everything in to the following bundles;
Stamps and stamp pads.
Paint brushes
Paint tools (rollers, foam etc)
Paint containers
Colouring books
Decorations (sparkles, boggle eyes, fluffy balls etc)
Sticking tools (glue gun, sticky tape etc)
Play dough and tools

Then I put things up higher if I didn't want them pulled out as often. We also have a 'one bucket at a time' rule.
I went to Ikea to get storage and Target for the art desk which were really cheap and easy to leave behind when we move.

Here is how it turned out... Taj has obviously grown since these pics were taken :)

I printed and laminated picture cards with the words on the backs and stuck them on with Velcro.
I was inspired by my organising hero Jen of 'I Heart Organizing'

I think it is so important to let kids be creative, like in cubby houses, see ours here

Look out for upcoming posts on home made finger paint and play dough...

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