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Wellness Wednesday: Natural 'flu season' fighters for adults and kids in our house

Wellness Wednesday: Natural 'flu season' fighters for adults and kids in our house

Home made Kombucha is my favourite!

I also like to add Cayenne pepper to shots of wheatgrass.
Did you know one tablespoon of wheatgrass has 1 gram of protein!?

Kombucha, make your own (above or buy)

Sydney Essential Oil Co. 'Breathe Blend'
Eucalyptus, Lavender & Peppermint
Essential oils keep the air fresh and clean, killing germs as well as unblocking the head/ nose!

Green smoothies with lots of herbs, ginger and lemon... maybe even garlic and cayenne pepper if you're keen!

Sauerkraut is fermented which has various disease fighting benefits

Pro Biotics (dairy free)

Manuka Honey, Ginger, Lemon and Cayenne Pepper tea

From my naturopath...
Five mushrooms is awesome, great for kids too!

Zinc and Vitamin C powder (Taj loves this added to freshly squeezed juice)
Ease a Cold (easy to find at your supermarket if you don't see a naturopath or can't get to a health food shop!)
Baobab Powder (another pro biotic powder)
Nu Ferm (Pro biotics)
You can see I have lots of pro biotics in the house, I like to mix them up to get different good bacterias from each.

Raw Honey.
Honey has many benefits including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & antiseptic.
Manuka honey is even better! Let a teaspoon melt in your mouth and line your throat to fight infection/sore throat.
I do this 5 times a day if I'm feeling really unwell.

There are so many fantastic sources of vitamin c, zinc and antioxidants in superfood powder which I will discuss in my next Wellness Post...