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Brunettes Have More Fun

With the new season approaching you may be wanting to give your hair a colour boost, and right now, going brunette is a hot trend around Hollywood starlets. However, Jennifer Connelly, is a natural chocolate girl that always makes us want to ditch any highlighted look. The Balenciaga girl has made her brown locks a household name.

You can go bare-faced in terms of make-up, unlike platinum blondes, but remember to put some colour on your lips to avoid a washed out effect.

Red lips look stunning on brunettes, especially if you go for blue shades. Keep the rest of the face neutral and your hair and lips will stand out fantastically.

If sunbathing, wear a hat, especially if your brunette shades are not natural. The summer sun will lighten your hair, so use a colour wash or a semi-permanent tint to bring back the depth in the colour, but only after your holidays.

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