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H&M for Men - A/W 09

When looking at the upcoming trends for men in 2009/2010 we have come across H&M and their Style Guide. One of the trends to look forward to is the biker/easy rider as it takes a lot from past seasons and tends to suit a wide range of guys.

Key items: biker and leather jackets. H&M offers the one above for €59,95 (price depending on country).

Trousers are straight and wearable with a very comfy look.

Layering is essential: t-shirt plus shirt plus cardigan, we could go on.

Other looks H&M is playing with are reminiscent of the 90s, with a take on Kurt Cobain and the grundge movement, rock and roll and what they call "Into the Wild" which sees a return to colourful and thick wool jumpers.

Picture: H&M

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