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It's in Your Genes, Not in Your Jeans

Fur collared parka: MONCLER. Shirt: PAUL FRANK. Cardigan: H&M. Jeans: TRUE RELIGION. Boots: FLUEVOG. Socks: H&M. Belt: DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Sunglasses: TOM FORD.
One big thing I realized when I was packing for my move was that, I own so many pairs of jeans, it's ridiculous—I literally had a large suitcase full of just denim. I can still recall my "flashier" days (Lord save us, who would have ever thought I could have been any more flashier than I already am) and literally spending $400+ dollars on freaking jeans with a larger than life horseshoe or the letter "R" in metal studs or crystals screaming on my butt. *rolls eyes* That is seriously one low-point of my fashion life I never want to relive….

I solemnly swear to never spend that much on denim ever again and besides, don't we want people to check out our butt because it's nice rather than for the brand you sport?

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It's in Your Genes, Not in Your Jeans + STYLE