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Bree, the dECOr empress mum (decor ECO empress) Thank you for taking the time to share my passions and musings with you!

Weekly posts: Mondays Design Inspiration: Designers, artist, objects and trends that inspire me.. Transforming Tuesday: Follow me decorating my new, temporary home- not planning on being in this one for more than 5 years! Wellness Wednesday: my personal body, soul and food faves! Thursday: Random guest posts, images, affirmations and kids stuff! Weekend Lust: Purchases, holidays, events and more that I am lusting over this weekend...

MUM: First and foremost I am grateful for every minute of being a full-time Mum to my healthy & happy boys... Living in Western Australia, by the beach, is an amazing lifestyle!

Taj (down south for his 2nd Birthday- celebrating his new brother born 4 weeks prior in WA!)

Cove, 22 months age differnce between him and Taj. Their bond is already unbreakable & it makes my heart melt! I got engaged in Palm Cove, holiday regularly at Little Cove (Noosa) and the little surf break right near our house in Western Australia is called 'The Cove.' His name has a safe, secure & serene feel to it.
WIFE: Wedding Day, Jan 2008

My 1st Blog Post about my Design Style


When I was aged twenty (20) I renovated & established my boutique
which I managed for 5 years prior to moving interstate. NATURAL, RAW & ECO LIFESTYLE: I have studied PERSONAL TRAINING & I dedicate most of my time to researching modern (raw, super foods etc.) nutrition and experimenting with recipes. I aim to lead a more pure lifestyle for my family through everything from food to cleaning and beauty products. (no more fashion parades, harmful make-up, toxic or stressful life for this modern empowered mumma!)
I am beginning INTERIOR DESIGN. I will eventually design my own line of Organic & Eco Homewares (when my children are school age- I don't want to miss out on time with them! ) In the meantime I will continue with my involvement & passions in renovating homes

I intend to take more time 'being' present' in the moment. I have always been grateful for my health and that of my family & friends. After the birth of my 2nd baby, even more so... I nearly lost my life & my baby. What challenges us only makes us stronger... it has opened my eyes to what is real, the power of the mind & what happiness truly means!

SOUL: Gratitude, kindness and compassion... x You can double & multiply your own personal joy every time you let yourself be pleased for another person's good fortune. Some buddhists refer to this skill as "sympathetic joy."

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