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Winter Finale

GAP cotton military jacket; CLUB MONACO knit sweater; AMERICAN APPAREL chambray shirt; DIESEL distressed denim jeans; G-STAR Patton IV Cavalry black boots; DION cotton bandana; RAYBAN black aviators.

I've been recently told by a good friend that there was something different about me, like there was something new and they weren't referring to the brand new Chanel brooches I had just gotten. My friend meant that there was something different about me as in I looked the happiest they have ever seen me, even with the chronic bitch face of a shield I like to put up in front of people.

My friend was right, I am happy—The happiest I have ever been because I have finally found someone who I can be vulnerable enough with to allow into my heart and who I am willing to share my life with. I, the Chanel toting cold blooded person actually has a warm heart after all and has fallin' in love—♥ you Chalo Bear.

Who would have ever thought because the only serious relationship I was ever committed to was with my former hair-dresser and a bottle of wine!

It's true.

Peter Ty xx

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